So after proving we are the best 40 man raiding guild the world has ever seen, whats next ?! well read on ..

What we are doing :

1) We are playing Burning Crusade BETA! You can check out screenshots /movies etc here.
2) We are working on a new website. Its going to be good, and it's in progress as we speak. There is no ETA at the moment, but one day the page will just change and you'll be blown away !

What you should do :

1) Lurk on our forums and stuff ! : Link to forums.
2) Pre-oder Burning Crusade here.


1) Did you change server?
No. We're still on Magtheridon where we will stay forever. Yes, we know theres some wannabes who created guilds under the Nihilum tag, but they're not us, and we did NOT move, so don't believe what they say. There is though, another Nihilum, on the server Skullcrusher, which is just as old as us, but they're a more casual guild. Back on Burning Legion, when Nihilum were born, Kungen and his now former comrades, parted ways, and some of them went to Scullcrusher to form the casual Nihilum, whereas we decided to stay on Burning Legion and go for the top. The point of it all isn't these guys though, it's some jerks somewhere else, thats claiming they're us, and we moved! Which is 1 big fat lie. Liars!

2) Are you raiding/playing?
No, we're not raiding. We were chosen to recieve a bunch of beta keys for The Burning Crusade, and after playing it for a short while, it was decided that we should stop raiding. There's still a few raiding with other guilds, but most are taking a break untill the expansion hits retail.

3) Did you lose a lot of members?
No, we lost 4 or so, 1 or 2 give or take. Some decided to quit after trying the expansion, they were expecting something else than what it is, a couple didn't want to join other guilds, and decided to stop playing when we gave up raiding. We're still a strong guild, even though we lost some key core veterans, it didn't hurt us really, and we'll still be here, and be stronger than ever for The Burning Crusade

4) I heard rumor that you were banned for exploiting?!
Get real, we would never exploit, we don't need to, since we're an exploit in our selves ;p - Anyways, it wasn't us, so stop spreading that rumor!

4) So how about The Burning Crusade?
We'll be there! Going for the World First kills, as always. Depending on how good the PvP system works, we might put a monopoly on the Arena matches to! ;p (It's to hard to test on the beta servers, due to massive lag (ping 400+), disconnects, etc..

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/nihilum out